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Instructions for use

  • Slide back the battery cover.
  • Insert 2 x AA Alkaline batteries (supplied) into the Propane GasGenie®. It will make a musical alarm sound, and flash the LEDs
  • Replace the battery cover until it clicks in place.
  • Place the Propane GasGenie® with the side marked ‘This Side Up’ uppermost onto the side of your gas tank. Place in a position such that the lower part is near the curve of base of the tank. (See diagram) gasgenie-level-diagram.png
  • Leave in place whether or not the gas barbecue is being used. The LEDs will flash every 20 seconds to indicate the Propane GasGenie® is active.
  • For best results position the Propane GasGenie® out of direct sunlight. gasgenie-sun-diagram.png
  • Once the Propane GasGenie® goes into alarm it will continue until soon after the gas is turned off. It will alarm again on the next few occasions that the grill is used.
  • To get the Propane GasGenie® to silence itself more quickly simply remove it from the bottle. It will then go quiet after a few more alarm sounds. Alternatively remove the battery for a few seconds and then replace it. The Propane GasGenie® will then reset itself.

The Propane GasGenie® will monitor the gas liquid level when the gas is switched on. It will give warning alarms (a musical alarm sound every few seconds) when the gas is beginning to get low. The LEDs will also flash at this time. When the alarm first sounds there will still be time to finish the grilling and also for one or two more grilling occasions.

When the tank is due to be replaced simply remove the Propane GasGenie® from the bottle and put somewhere obvious like a refrigerator door. The GasGenie® can then act as a reminder that a replacement bottle is needed.

The batteries should last more than a year. If the LEDs do not flash it is time to replace the batteries.

Important Note: The Propane GasGenie® works by detecting small temperature changes in the tank wall when the gas is turned on. It therefore needs to be in place some minutes before the gas is switched on in order for its sensors to adjust to the tank temperature. We advise that once you have placed the GasGenie® on the tank you leave it in place. Only remove it when it is time to replace the tank.

Below you will find some handy tips to help you get the best out of your Propane GasGenie® (PGG).

Tip 1

Clip PGG to lower part of tank. Just above the curve.

Reason: The PGG will detect the low gas condition from approximately the level of its top sensor down to about 1½ inches below the lower sensor.

Tip 2

Place PGG out of direct sunlight.

Reason: The PGG works by detecting small temperature changes in the tank wall. Sunlight on part of the PGG could affect its sensitivity. 

Tip 3

When you first use the PGG make sure the tank is not already nearly empty.

Reason: The PGG takes a few minutes to establish its ‘time/temperature’ signature. If the tank is already nearly empty it might not have time to register before the tank finally runs out.

Tip 4

When starting to grill turn on the gas at full power for 10 minutes. Then choose the power setting you want.

Reason: This will heat up the entire grill and kill off any bacteria that may be there. It also allows the PGG to get a good start at reading the temperature profile. This is important if cooking at a low setting.

Tip 5

To silence the warning once it has started to sound either tap the unit on a hard surface or briefly remove and replace the batteries.

Reason: Both actions will temporarily interrupt the electrical circuit and the PGG will then reset.

Tip 6

If the LEDs no longer flash approximately every 20 seconds then it is time to replace the batteries.

Reason: The batteries can last up to 2 years and the LEDs will flash every 20 seconds to indicate the PGG is working. Once the flashing stops the batteries are used up.

Tip 7

Avoid touching the sensors (Small metal discs on underside of PGG) when inserting the batteries or placing the PGG on the propane tank.

Reason: The PGG relies on detecting small temperature changes. Touching a sensor can alter the temperature and cause an unintended alarm. If this happens simply reset the PGG as described in Tip 5.

Tip 8

If your Propane Tank has a plastic wrap around its middle then you need to cut away a section near the base of the tank so that the PGG can fasten directly to the metal.

Reason: Two reasons. 1: The magnets that attach the PPG to the tank will hold better and 2: The temperature changes that the PPG relies on to detect low gas can be masked by the plastic of the wrap.