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Top 4 Benefits of Propane GasGenie

If you enjoy a nice BBQ over the summer, you've probably dealt with the frustration of running out of propane midway through grilling. Now, imagine inviting your entire family over and promising delicious ribs and burgers, but the propane runs out halfway through cooking. Many people commonly mistake pressure gauges for providing an accurate reading of how much propane is left in the tank. However, the truth is that pressure gauges are not an accurate indicator of propane because any liquid in the tank will keep the pressure high, though the propane may be close to empty. The Propane GasGenie is designed to alert you in advance when propane is running out, so you'll have enough time to finish cooking before you refill your tank.

Early detection and awareness of low propane

While pressure gauges begin to drop minutes before running out of propane, the Propane GasGenie warns of low propane 1-2 hours beforehand. This means that if you're having a cookout on the 4th of July, you'll be able to finish cooking what's on the grill, and have plenty of time to buy or refill another tank before the initial one runs out. This saves food and valuable time, and gives you a certain peace of mind in knowing that you can safely start cooking without running out of propane while everything is too rare.

Easy installation

The purpose of the Propane GasGenie is to make life easier for you. Therefore, the installation is as easy as it possibly could be. The Propane GasGenie magnetically clips to your propane tank and requires no further setup. You can now begin cooking and continue doing so until you hear the musical tone or see the flashing LED lights signaling that you have about 60-120 minutes of cooking time left.

Use with any propane appliances

While a BBQ during the summer is a relatable example as to how the Propane GasGenie can be used for grilling, this product can also be used for patio heaters. You can either purchase multiple items, or simply switch the location of the Propane GasGenie depending on the season and which appliance currently requires the most attention.

Proven accuracy

Just as you were hesitant to follow directions from a GPS for the first time, you probably want an assurance of the Propane GasGenie's accuracy before trusting an entire BBQ to it. Recently, an independent grill company tested our product with a quick grill, a turkey fry, and a slow roast, and yielded positive results. The Propane GasGenie propane indicator signaled a warning of 2 hours, 1.5 hours, and 1 hour, respectively, and did so under variable conditions; the heat was often manipulated in order to use different amounts of propane and the length of the tests varied from 10 minutes to 3-4 hours.

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