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Propane GasGenie's Tips for Selecting the Perfect Steak

the-perfect-steak.jpgFor some, selecting the perfect steak requires just as much forethought as choosing a propane grill. We here at Propane GasGenie count ourselves among that category. That’s why we thought that it might be fun to share our tips for achieving grilled steak nirvana. Here they are:

Remember the old phrase “even stevens?” It meant that all of the elements involved in a particular situation were equal. Well, it’s an excellent phrase to keep in mind when you’re selecting a primo steak. Look for one that is at least 1 inch thick and marbleized all the way across. Doing so will help to ensure that the steak will cook evenly and remain juicy.

Understandably, one’s budget will also play a role in steak selection. If possible, go for a choice grade, rib or loin cut. They tend to grill up well with very little work involved. Usually, just a few seasonings will be all that’s needed to enhance their flavor. If those cuts are too pricey for comfort, try a chuck or round steak instead. Just make sure that you take the time to marinate them properly. The marinade should help to improve their texture and flavor.

Once your steaks are on hand and ready to meet their fate, bust out the barbecue essentials. Make sure the Propane GasGenie is already clipped onto your propane tank. After all, you went through a lot of trouble selecting the perfect steak. Why let all of your efforts go to waste over a lack of propane? The Propane GasGenie installs in less time than it takes to dry rub beef. In addition, its multifaceted alarm will let you know when it’s time to initiate a tank swap.

Now that you know our steak selection secrets, why not share yours with us? We’d love to know how well your next Propane GasGenie inspired barbecue turns out. Contact us through the Propane GasGenie email or Facebook page.

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