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Distributor Enquiries

A success story for customer service.

A few weeks ago a bad review appeared on the Amazon selling page. It claimed that the unit did not stick to the propane tank and did not work as advertised. We were given one star!

Sam, our customer service guy followed up and after a few emails back and forth established that the customer was right. A faulty unit had got past quality control at the factory. The customer was very reasonable and was willing to give us another go. So Sam arranged to send out another free of charge to her.

She immediately upgraded the one star review to three star based on customer service alone. A while later Sam followed up by email to see how the customer was getting on with the replacement and got an email back saying:

‘The replacement unit is definitely working as expected! It immediately stuck to my propane tank securely. I had an idea that the tank currently on my gas grill was getting low anyway, and sure enough, the second time I grilled after installing the Gas Genie, it started chirping at me! Thanks again for all of your help and the great customer service! -- Terri’

Terri then updated the review one more time to 5 stars and explained why. You can see her full review on Amazon here.
Thanks for giving us the chance to get it right Terri!

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