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Propane Level Indicator: A Grill Accessory You Actually Need

propane-gasgenie-001.jpgTime to put away the winter coats, water the flowers, plant the veggies, and last, but certainly not anything even close to being least... uncover the grill!

Ever notice what a better mood everyone is in when they can walk around outside without a hat, coat, gloves, and four other layers of clothing? People thrive in the sunshine and the blue sky; even more so when a gas grill is fired up with the fiery aroma of your world-famous bacon-cheddar burgers.

Imagine having friends and family over for a cookout and they've all skipped lunch, knowing that they're coming over for those burgers. Now imagine if you will, running out of propane...(gulp)

Okay, so in order to avoid a revolt of epic proportions that has literally every one of your family and friends trampling you and your loved ones to raid your kitchen cabinets of whatever Cheetos and Twinkies may be left, to provide them with much needed sustenance, you need to find some propane fast.

Never fear, you've thought about this possibility ahead of time and purchased a backup propane tank for just such an occasion. Smugly, you unhook the tapped tank and walk over to your backup source of fuel. You lean over to pick it up and notice it is either surprisingly light for some reason or hey, maybe you've been working out and those bicep curls are finally starting to pay off at age 50. Yeah, probably not. Guess what? Your backup tank is tapped too because even though you thought about this possibility ahead of time, you were too lazy to get the backup tank filled while the current tank still had some fuel in it. Time to do the right thing and use yourself as a human shield for your wife and children to make it out alive, because your party is about to come running for those Cheetos and Twinkies.

Avoid keeping friends and family hungry and the senseless violence that may result, from an empty propane tank at an unfortunate time. Buy a propane level indicator from Propane GasGenie.

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