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Propane Level Gauge Saves the Barbecue

It's a beautiful sunny day, the birds are singing, a gentle breeze keeps the mosquitoes down; a perfect day for grilling. After inviting all your friends and neighbors over for a barbecue, you go outside, fire up the grill, slap on some big expensive steaks and immerse yourself in the smell of cooking meat. People gather, talk is happy and animated, things are great. Suddenly, something goes wrong.

You look down and notice the flame is gone. You try the starter over and over, nothing. You've just run out of propane. Now you’re stuck with the task of telling your hungry guests that the food has been put on hold and then explaining to your spouse and wallet how those expensive steaks just got ruined.

A good Propane Level Gauge would have saved the whole day, not to mention the embarrassment of putting everyone on hold when they're all starving, and the cost that could have been avoided. The expensive steaks, plus the gas used to get to the store and back really adds up quick.

So if you decide to solve the problem by getting a Propane Gas Gauge take a good look at the alternatives. You will find that the only gauge that actively warns you in time to finish grilling is the Propane GasGenie. (See blog post about how propane level gauges work) It does this by electronically monitoring the temperature of the tank wall. In this way it can detect when the gas is switched on and running low. And it first warns you when the tank gets to around 20% capacity. So in plenty of time to finish grilling and to find a convenient time to get the tank refilled.

Don't take a chance on more disastrous barbecues, get the Propane Gas Genie and keep your title as the neighborhood grilling master.

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