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Propane GasGenie's Tips for Celebrating National Barbecue Month


The month of May brings with it a bevy of reasons to celebrate. Some of which are intrinsically tied to the primal pleasure of cooking over an open flame. Yes, I am talking about National Barbecue Month. It’s the perfect time for busting out closely guarded sauce recipes, Kiss the Cook aprons and ribs so meaty that you’d swear they came from a Brontosaurus. Of course preparing the perfect homage to outdoor cooking requires a good deal of forethought. With that said, here are few tips for making your shindig a wet-nap ripping success:

For starters, the day before your party, you’ll want to whip up any marinades or dry rubs that you’ll need for your entree. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to let the meat tenderize and soak up additional flavors. While you’re at it, prep the side salads and put the beverages on ice.

Afterward, clean the grill and place it in an open area. Then grab the propane tank that you stored upright in the garage after your last barbecue. Once you’ve got the tank out of the garage, check the hose-end fittings. They should be clean and in working order. In addition, the tank’s exterior should be rust and dent free.

You’ll also want to outfit the tank with a Propane GasGenie. It’s far better to use it during important backyard festivities than a pressure gauge. To begin with, it clips on so you can conveniently switch it from one tank to another during the long celebration. Second, when your tank’s propane level gets low, it will send out a multifaceted alarm that’s capable of quickly drawing your attention away from the folks gathered poolside and back to the grill.

What’s that? You don’t already own a Propane GasGenie? Well then, you’ll want to head over to Amazon now and order one. Doing so will be one of the best things that you’ve ever done.

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