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Propane GasGenie Sales Rocket as 2nd BBQ Season Approaches

pr-APRIL.pngSales on Amazon for the Propane GasGenie, the electronic propane gauge, have risen by more than a factor of four as the 2014 BBQ season starts up, says Creative Electronic Products Inc (CEP), the exclusive distributor of the product.

The Propane GasGenie was launched on Amazon almost exactly one year ago. Since then sales have been rising steadily, especially as the BBQ season came into full force. However selling a BBQ grill accessory is a very seasonal business. And until you have year on year data it is not possible to judge whether sales are increasing due to seasonal effects or if the product is really gaining acceptance over time.

The Propane GasGenie is an electronic, battery operated, propane gauge that actively warns the user when his propane tank is getting low. It typically first emits its warning tune and flashes its LEDs when the tank has reached around 20% capacity. Rather like the light on your car's dashboard when the fuel is running low. Unlike other gauges the Propane GasGenie warns in time to finish grilling and choose when to go get a refill.

Read the full stoy on PRWeb.com here.

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