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Propane GasGenie Put To The Test

We've done a lot of talk and a lot of promoting for our Propane GasGenie - propane indicator device. We believe in the reliability, accuracy and simplicity of use. Most people will take us at our word that we conducted different tests to determine if what we've been saying about Propane GasGenie being the best on the market is true. Still, there are some cynics out there challenging us to show them the test results and that's okay. We like cynics; they help keep businesses honest. So in the name of honesty, here are our test results.

We took several Propane GasGenies and put them on the lower ends of the same size tanks. Next we lit the grill and set it on different burner rates. When the GasGenie's alarm sounded, the amount of propane left in each tank was recorded.

During the "Quick Grill" test, we started the gas on preheat for ten minutes, turned it on high for ten minutes, then set it on low for another ten. Leaving intervals of at least 1 1/2 hours between runs, we repeated this process until Propane GasGenie's alarm sounded. Amount of propane left in the tank, about 4.2 lbs or 20%. The estimated grill time left was about 2 hours.

Next we performed the "Turkey Fry". A turkey fryer was set on full power until the alarm went off. There was 4 Lbs or 20% remaining in the tank which left an estimated operating time of 1 1/2 hours.

Our last test was the "Slow Roast". The grill was set on minimum heat and allowed to burn for 3-4 hours. After being turned off for an hour, the process was repeated. When Propane GasGenie's alarm sounded there was 1 lb or 5% left. Remaining cooking time estimated at 1 hour.

We hope these results will put the cynics' minds to rest, but if you need more information you can email us at admin@propanegasgenie.com and we'll answer all your questions.

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