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Propane GasGenie to Give $10 Saving to Propane Grill Users in Spring Offer

pr-march-02.pngCreative Electronic Products Inc (CEP), the exclusive suppliers of the Propane GasGenie electronic Propane Gauge, are offering a 10 dollar discount to buyers if they order three or more at one time from their Amazon web page.

The Propane GasGenie is the only propane gauge that actively warns users when the gas is getting low. It does this by flashing LEDs and playing a little tune. Importantly the low gas warnings start when there is still enough gas to finish cooking what is on the grill: Typically at around 20% capacity.

This means that the user can choose when to refill or replace the tank without suffering the annoying, and sometimes embarrassing indignity of running out of gas in the middle of grilling. Until now this has been one of the BBQ users most recognized unsolved problems.

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