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Propane GasGenie Featured on Inside Tailgating

Inside-Tailgating-Spotlight.pngWe were delighted to discover today that the popular Inside Tailgating bloggers have written a nice blog post about the Propane GasGenie. Thanks guys!

From the Inside Tailgating website.

You’re standing over the grill, tongs in one hand, cold drink in the other, entertaining your fellow tailgaters with the story of how you almost, sort of, maybe could have played college ball, when the BBQ chicken stops sizzling and the grill goes cold. Your propane tank is empty. Instead of commanding an audience with your accolades, you’re stuck running to the store to buy a replacement tank while your hungry guests stare at partially cooked food now in the temperature danger zone. Nothing ends a party like salmonella!

Read the rest of the article here.

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