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Propane GasGenie Announce Independent Tests on Propane Pressure Gauges

pr-march.pngProduct Innovation Ltd, the owners of the Propane GasGenie electronic propane gauge, announce that they are commissioning independent tests on the effectiveness of pressure type sensors for use as an early warning that the BBQ propane tank is getting low.

The Propane GasGenie was invented specifically to get around the problem that the very popular pressure gauges suffer from: Namely that the pressure in a propane tank does not change with the quantity of liquefied gas remaining. This means that when the gauge starts to drop there are at best just a few minutes remaining before the tank is completely empty.

Product Innovation Ltd is a UK Company that specializes in inventing and developing 'intelligent sensors'. That is sensors that detect a condition and then react to it in an appropriate manner. In the case of the Propane GasGenie this means detecting a low gas condition in plenty of time and then playing a tune and flashing LEDs to attract the user's attention. He can then comfortably finish cooking what is on the grill without worrying and replace or refill the tank at his convenience.

Read the full story on PRWeb.com.

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