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Summer is almost upon us. And you know what that means? Family vacations, no school and most importantly, it's time to fire up the grill for some good ol' fashioned BBQ. However, if you are to properly cook up some delicious BBQ, you have to have the right equipment. Let's take a look at some must have BBQ Accessories.

1. An Amazing Set of Tongs

Having the right equipment is paramount to anything. Especially when it comes to cooking. And for grilling, nothing makes life easier than a wonderful set of tongs. A great set of tongs needs to have an easy to grip handle that won't slip. Last thing you want is for your tongs to slip and fall onto a hot grill. A good set of tongs will allow you to grip the food perfectly without cutting it. Also, avoid any tongs that are too heavy. Last thing you need is an extra few pounds added to whatever food you are carrying.

2. Digital Meat Thermometer

There are many reasons why you should invest in a good meat thermometer. First, you don't want to make people sick. Being able to safely and quickly tell when food is done is paramount to good cooking. Undercooking is a no-no, and overcooking ruins the food. Also, with a digital meat thermometer you don't have to cut into the meat to see if it's done. If you cut into the meat, those precious juices will fall out and make your meat and less flavorful. A nice digital meat thermometer will have a nice, long length so you don't have to hover your hands over the grill for too long.

3. The Propane Gas Genie

An absolute must for anyone cooking with propane is the Propane Gas Genie. How many times have you been cooking or getting ready to cook and can't tell if you are out of propane or not? Either you cook and run out of gas, or replace a propane tank that may or may not be empty and waste money. But, with the Propane Gas Genie that is a worry of the past. This device warns you when your propane tank is about to be empty. Just attach it to the tank and you are ready to go!

Never have to worry about your propane again. If you or someone you know would love a Propane Gas Genie, don't wait. Order now!

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