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Latest Propane GasGenie Reviews August 2013

The Propane GasGenie continues to receive fantastic reviews on Amazon.

This is so easy it is a no brainer. Just put it near the bottom of your tank. For best results, preheat or cook on high for 10 mins, then do what you wish. Plenty of warning before empty. -- Trucker

After reading reviews on so many types of gas level indicators for my Bar B Que I decided to try this one. I am very happy with it. The second time I used the grill the indicator broke out with comfortably audible musical tones telling me my level was low. I was able to finish the grilling and refill the tank which was then, nearly out of gas. I would have been caught short the next time I grilled. This unit works better than a magnetic strip I had before which actually never did much for me. I decided to test it again on the new tank so after a few uses of the grill, I moved the unit higher up on the tank and sure enough, the next time I grilled, it told me I was running out of gas. I moved it back to the bottom of the tank and it hasn't sounded off again yet so I am confident I have enough gas for the next BarBQue. -- G. Knapp

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