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Propane Gauge Company Engages With Business Development Consultant to Develop Retail Sales

Creative Electronic Products Inc (CEP), the exclusive importers of the Propane GasGenie, has recently engaged a specialist consultant to help develop sales of the Propane GasGenie through retail outlets.

The Propane GasGenie has been selling on Amazon since early last year. And the reaction has been good, with sales growing month by month. It claims to be the only propane gauge that actively warns the user of a propane fuelled BBQ that the gas level has reached a point where the user should consider replacing or refilling the tank. Crucially it first warns the user when there is still plenty of time to finish cooking what is on the grill. It acts in a similar way the warning light on a car’s dashboard telling you that fuel is running low.

Read the full story on PRWeb.com.

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