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Propane-GasGenie-1.jpgPropane Gas Tank Empty or Full?

There is only one accurate way to tell if your Liquid Propane (LP) tank is empty and that’s to use the Propane GasGenie®. This wonderful gadget sits on the outside of the tank (so no need for tricky installation) and lets off an alarm (with LED lights) when the gas is low.

Its’ simple, cheap and it works.

Questions to Ask of a Propane Gas Level Monitor

Q: Is your gas level monitor easy to install?
A: The PGG clips on with a magnet.

Q: Is your device trying to check the level of gas using a pressure gauge?
A: Pressure is not a useful indicator of liquid level in a propane tank. If there is any liquid remaining in the tank the pressure shown on the gauge will remain high.

The Propane GasGenie® detects low propane levels using very small temperature changes over time on the tank wall.

How Much Warning?

The alarm will go off when you have around 20% of the propane gas left. This means you will know that you have one to two hours’ gas left. Plenty of time to finish your cooking or swap out.

When a pressure gauge starts to show the pressure dropping it means that the propane is gone, or near gone. You’ll get a few minutes before the tank is empty and often this is not enough to finish your cooking.

Major Grill Manufacturer Independent Results

The Propane GasGenie® has been tested by one of the leading grill manufacturers in the USA. These independent tests proved the accuracy of the monitor device in three major tests.

See the full listing of propane monitor tests here.

Propane GasGenie Instructions for Use

  • Insert 2 x AA batteries (supplied).
  • The monitor will make a musical alarm sound, and flash the LEDs.
  • Place the Propane GasGenie® with the side marked ‘This Side Up’ uppermost onto the side of your gas tank. 
  • Place in a position such that the lower part is near the curve of base of the tank. 
  • Leave in place whether or not the gas barbecue is being used. The LEDs will flash every 20 seconds to indicate the Propane GasGenie® is active.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight

See the full instructions including diagrams here.

Where to Buy A Propane GasGenie®

The Propane GasGenie® is currently available through Amazon.com only, priced at a very low $19.99.* It’s a low price for a great product. Click here to view the Propane GasGenie on Amazon.

*Price correct at time of publication. Please check price before purchasing

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