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How Does a Propane Level Monitor Work?

Many people wonder how a Propane Level Monitor works. Well, that's a good question. There are several different types of sensor on the market.

Magnetic Temperature Sensitive Strip

This sticks to the tank wall and changes color as the tank wall cools down when the gas is on. By looking at the strip it is possible to detect where the level is. Direct sunlight can affect the temperature strip and confuse the measurement. Only works when the gas is on, so you need to remember to check it some minutes after switching on.

Pressure Gauge

These are in very common usage. But they typically give very few minutes warning. This is because even a small amount of liquid propane will generate a full pressure signal. It is only when the liquid is gone that the gauge starts to drop rapidly. And then it is often too late. Again you need to remember to keep checking the gauge when the gas is on.

Weight Scales

These work really well. But you need to remember to pick up the tank on the scales. And you need to know the empty weight of your tank.

The Propane GasGenie

The Propane GasGenie uses a unique technology that combines time and temperature on the tank wall to give you an audible warning in time to finish cooking. So even if you are busy cooking and forget about the propane level it will remind you in plenty of time.

To look at the Propane GasGenie go to our product page on Amazon. For any questions you may have, send us an email at admin@propanegasgenie.com and we'll be happy to address all your inquiries.

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