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‘Hamburger Frisbee’ Web Game Launched


The new game is called ‘Hamburger Frisbee.’ The aim of the game is to score points by throwing hamburgers, Frisbee style, onto a grill on the opposite side of the screen. Every time the player succeeds he or she wins points. But of course there is a catch. The player has to remember to switch off before the gas runs out. Otherwise the points get lost.

The game includes two early warning systems: The Propane GasGenie and a standard Pressure Gauge. As in real life, the Propane GasGenie gives ample warning, with flashing LEDs and an audio alarm, and the Pressure Gauge gives a very short warning if the player happens to notice it in time.

Players will have the opportunity to share their score on Facebook and also to enter a monthly draw to win a Propane GasGenie propane monitor. The game and the free draw can both be found on the ‘Fun and Games’ tab of the website.

Read the full Press Release on PRWeb.com.

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