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Hamburger Frisbee Competition Announced

win-propanegasgenie.pngProduct Innovation Ltd recently launched a new game called Hamburger Frisbee on their Propane GasGenie website. It has been a huge success and they have now decided to make the game competitive by giving a monthly prize for the highest score.

Hamburger Frisbee is a fun and funny, free game that was invented especially to complement the more serious sides of the Propane GasGenie website. It involves a cartoon character flinging hamburgers, Frisbee style, from one side of the screen onto a grill on the other side. In addition there is a family that cheers when a hamburger lands in the right place and bangs on the garden table when the burger lands on the ground. Points are won by a correct throw. There is also a dog, whose activities seem to cause a lot of amusement to those that have played the game.

Read the full story on PR Web.

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