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Five Tips for the Best Independence Day Barbeque Ever

Summer has arrived! At long last, the kids are out of school, jackets and mittens are on mothballs, and the air conditioner is humming. Fourth of July celebrations are are just around the corner. With a few simple tips, you can make your 4th of July barbeque one your friends and neighbors will still be talking about long after summer ends.


Summer schedules fill up quickly. Start making your invitation list as soon as possible to ensure that your invitation is the first one your friends and family receive. With the advent of social media, sending out your invitations can be just a few clicks away on FaceBook or Twitter. For invitees who are not regular computer users, consider more traditional invitations sent by mail.

Guest comfort

Your goal is for your guests to make wonderful memories at your special event. If they are being tortured by sunburns, insects, or inclement weather, those memories may not be pleasant. If your party is large, consider renting a tent under which your guests can take shelter if it rains, or simply get out of the sun for a while. Portable coolers are also available for rental, and can provide some much-needed relief in areas of the country that are particularly hot. Citronella candles in red, white and blue are both festive and effective for keeping mosquitos from nipping at your guests. Your guests will also appreciate having a few bottles of sunscreen available – be sure to include some for children on your list, as well.

Kid-friendly activities

Putting one or two close friends or family members in charge of supervising kids’ activities will leave you free to socialize with your guests. Provide an assortment of outdoor games that will suit the age level of the little ones attending your party. Bubbles, croquet, an arts and crafts table, and lawn games are all possibilities. Small wading pools can also be a big hit. And while you’re at it, consider getting an extra kiddie pool to fill with ice and use as storage for canned beverages.

Great food

A great party means great food. Your guests will appreciate being provided with a variety of options. When selecting proteins for the barbeque, consider going the extra mile by purchasing cuts fresh from the butcher. Remember to include a meat-free option for guests who either cannot or choose not to eat meat. Label any home cooked dishes that might contain substances to which your guests might be allergic (e.g., peanuts). You’ll also want to include kid-friendly finger foods.


To prepare all that great food for your guests, you’re going to need fuel, and plenty of it. To be absolutely certain your propane tank doesn’t run dry in the middle of your event, use a propane gas level indicator , such as the Propane GasGenie.

With just a bit of planning and preparation, your 4th of July celebration can be everything you dreamed it would be.

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