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Amazon Reviews - May 2014

Here at HQ, we're very pleased to announce that we have received some more glowing reviews from our Amazon customers.

Excellent Invention

"Congratulations on an excellent invention! My wife does all of the BBQing, so I have no personal experience, but she tells me she loves it. And, by extension, she loves me because I found it and bought it for her after she ran out of propane in the middle of cooking dinner for the dozenth time (in spite of having two propane tanks!). So, thank you. I give it top ratings and you may quote me." -- Pete Criqui

Does Exactly What it Said it Would Do

"I have nothing but good things to say about it. It works and does exactly what it said it would do. Great product." -- John Friedenthal

So Dependable

"The Propane GasGenie is great! It's so dependable that I don't really think about it monitoring my propane tank. I really like the idea of the LED light letting you know that it's working." -- David Braford

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