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Propane GasGenie Reviews - May & June 2014

We are really pleased with the feedback we have received from our customers and love sharing it here on the blog. Below you will find some of our most recent feedback from our Amazon custoemrs in May and June.

Brilliant execution - this works exactly as advertised. I recommend a buy!

I have a fancy-shmancy Weber barbeque with what can loosely be referred to as an electronic gas gauge on the front panel which is supposed to be able to indicate the gas level in the tank. After leaving a rotisserie turkey cooking and returning to a cold barbeque with a quarter-cooked turkey rotating after about an hour I realized that "half full" to the Weber meter means "darn near empty".

That was when I started looking for something that really works, and tried this GasGenie. I took it out of the box, stuck it low down on my tank (per instructions), and when I recently went to cook, it beeped at me. I checked the Weber "meter" (generously calling it a meter), and it indicated 1/3 full. The tank was way down (still had gas in it but it wouldn't have lasted an hour) and GasGenie did its job. I am really pleased.

Works surprisingly well. Saved me from being out of gas on Memorial Day!

I bought this for a few reasons, I used to have a gauge inline with the tank, but my newest grill only provided enough hose length to be exactly form the tank to the burners with no slack for an item that was 6 inches long, much less 1 inch even. Another is the new grill had the tank directly under the grill and behind a door, so I needed something more obvious than a sticker or gauge that I couldn't see normally. After some research I came upon this doo-hicky, and let me tell you it was a great buy.

I had the feeling i might have been running low on the tank when I began grilling during the week before, but it's a pain to remove the tank just to check it. While I was putting the meat on the grill I heard a little electronic chiming, opened the door to the tank and sure enough it was bleeping at me. After dinner, I took the tank out and sure enough I needed a refill and was able to get it before the Holiday rush. I had enough gas to cook dinner, so it warned me in time.

Really helps keep track of your gas use...

I like the fact the warning comes with plenty of time left (about an hour or two of cooking time) instead of flashing when it's about empty for good. This really helps in knowing you don't have to panic and rush to the store to get a tank. Easy to use, just stick it on the tank near the bottom and forget about it. The GasGenie will let you know when your supply is running low.

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